Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Prophets Actions

In Isaiah 20, there is recorded the actions of the prophet to demonstrate what would happen to the people if they put their trust in foreign nations and not in God. It is clear that these actions were unusual and caused the people to ask what the message was about

If there are any prophetic insights today then they are either spoken at small gatherings or written in books or journal articles. The prophet doesn't take dramatic action to act out a part of the prophecy. Some protest groups do enact what they see as the consequences of the current direction of policies but these messages are not regarded as prophecy.

I am using this blog to try and talk about how I see things and the direction in which things are moving. The question is whether I would be prepared to act out this message in a public place. Would the leaders and people listen? Very few probably read my blog. It is getting the attention of the people so that they at least know the message has been spoken. This is regardless of whether they hear and understand or respond to it. This is the challenge for the prophet or reformer. Without lifting their message to the public forum, they are simply shouting in an empty room with no one to hear.

This brings me back to 'shalom activism.' With shalom activism, the activist acts to bring shalom to those that they are working amongst. The shalom activist aims to make a difference. Again, the activist cannot make that difference unless they are actively working amongst the people to make a difference. They have to be acting out their faith and endeavouring to practice what they preach.

In this sense, the prophet and the shalom activist share a common purpose and goal. The prophet like the shalom activist seeks the people to live differently so that they and all those around them can experience the wholeness of life.

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