Sunday, 27 March 2011

Economic Stories

These are initial drafts of economic stories that I am considering as the basis for economic simulations that challenge conventional economic thinking.

Committed to the economic system

Josh operates in an environment where he is concerned with balancing his inputs with his outputs. Most often he measures this in monetary terms. In order to achieve things, he needs to earn or borrow the money. Once something is created, he sells it at a price that he hopes will give him money to do things other than those focuses on earning money.

Although he works hard, he never finds the release that he is looking for and he increasingly becomes frustrated with his life. He feels trapped. He seems to have gathered a lot of assets but nothing brings him joy.

Josh's parents were hard working people who provided a stable environment and gave Josh every opportunity to pursue his interests. Josh studied at university and has slowly raised his living standards migrating from a semi-detached house to an apartment in central London. He claims to enjoy the Central London life style but it is more an escape from the pressures of attempting to progress on the economic ladder.

Committed to Service

Michael lives in a semi-detached in the suburbs of London. Michael runs his own training organisation. He operates in an environment where he is looking for ways to utilise his skills and talents. He is not concerned about ensuring his inputs equal his outputs. He probably outputs more that he gets in but he never seems to lack what he needs. He looks to maximise the use of his abilities and resources. He seems to find ways of achieving things despite the constraints that others endeavour to put on him.

For Michael life is enjoyable. He is doing what he enjoys and he is seeing others experiencing joy. He has some assets but only those that he really uses. He is full of life and giving life.

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