Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loving the world

Barclay's (1976) commentary (I John 2:15-17) talks initially about how the physical world was understood as an opposing force to God. He does conclude by talking about the Christian being different. Christians aren't rejecting the physical world. What they are rejecting are the man created principles that go against Christian principles.

My favourite point of contrast is the financial system. The emphasis around us is to take more regardless of the impact on those around us. It is a personal gain scenario. The Christian instead should be looking at giving to help others live comfortably. The problem is that self preservation has been seen as a Christian virtue but we are simply not seeing as God wants us to see. We need to focus on the needs of others and not on our own interests.

The thing that I see us struggling with are human created thought systems that lead us into conflict with others. It is very visible in the students where they are supposed to be doing team work but they are fighting each other and destroying each others' work. It is also there in the performance measures for research and those that are talked about for teaching.

The destruction of the world comes through lack of relationship caused by competition. We breed problems by the continual desire to be better than others and to have more.


Barclay, W. (1976). The letters of John and Jude (revised ed.). Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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