Saturday, 1 May 2010

What God can do with us?

Barclay (1975) commenting on Paul's attitude to ministry as written in Romans 15:14-21 says “It is when a man ceases to think of what God can do with him, that things began to happen” (p 203). I see many people looking for what they can do for God, often with the result of driving others away. There is an egotism in thinking of what we can do.

God has equipped us; he has given us skills and talents; he has put us in particular contexts. God does these things so that he can do things with us. We are in these contexts because of what He wants to do with us and not because of what we can do.

How many battles do we have to go through before we realise that God will reveal to us what he wants us to do if we will wait on Him rather than push ahead with our great plans and schemes.

As I write this, I am reminded of Colsen's (2006) book where the main character begins to learn to respond to situations that are around him. It is the response to our current situation that makes the real difference. This means developing our personal relationship with Jesus and learning to hear His voice in each situation of each day.

Jesus advised his disciples not to prepare a defence but that they would be given what to say when the time came. How much do we believe that God can give us the words and direction for each day? We might think we can plan our day but each day, we are faced with new and unexpected opportunities. Can we really plan for them? All we can do is trust that God will give us the words that we need and has given us the knowledge to know how to respond. God uses parts of our journey to prepare us for what lies ahead.


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Colsen, J. (2006). So you don't want to go to church any more: An unexpected journey. Los Angeles: Windblown Media.

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