Saturday, 17 April 2010

Become one

This entry has its basis in an personal reflection back in August 2009 but it also reflects our reaction to the emphasis on the individual that we have found in British business practices. In New Zealand, our bank accounts and almost everything we owned was registered with Marilyn and I as joint owners. Here we couldn't do this. The emphasis is on individual ownership and responsibility. For us, it is only natural that we share openly.

The world seeks to treat husband and wife as individuals. They don't become one in marriage. They simply become two people possibly living under the same roof and sharing resources. The world's expectation is a continued focus on self rather than a seeking to serve and encourage one another.

We need to ask again what the scriptural teaching means when it says that a man and a woman are joined in marriage and become one. Individualistic thinking doesn't foster the idea of looking toward the interests of others. The world's economy is based on personal gain. God's economy is about loving and caring for others. It isn't about personal gain or advancement. It is about caring for others and all of God's creation. It is about unity in diversity. It is about learning to live and work together. It is about becoming one.

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