Saturday, 13 March 2010

What is holiness?

One theme is that holiness means separation. God did this for Israel when he brought her out of Egypt. He continues to do this for each of us as he calls us to be part of his family. We didn't earn holiness; he gave it as a gift, not because of any merit on our part but because of his grace. It is so easy to see ourselves as having been called because of some special gift that we have or something about our approach to doing things. The reality is that all that we are is given by God. He has called us and gifted us. He choose us because he wanted to bless us and through us bless those around us. God seeks to re-create his holiness in and through our lives.

There is another element of holiness that relates to “the power of his loving, righteous, saving presence in” our midst (Knight 1981, p. 97). God doesn't separate us to be out of touch with the people around us. Nor is He separate from us that we may not be influenced by Him. He is with us as our “creative, loving, purposeful sustainer and guide” (p 98).

As a reflection of God's holiness, we are to be in the midst of the world as its “creative, loving, purposeful sustainer and guide.” We do that through God's creative influence upon our lives. At any age, our journey had just begun and we are being an influence on those around us.


Knight, G. A. F. (1981). Leviticus. Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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