Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Knowledge versus love

At this point in my journey through life, I am seeking knowledge of the things that I am interested in. This includes my walk with God. The search for knowledge isn't so much about the nature of God but how to live as God intended.

If we believe this is God's creation then surely He had in mind a blueprint for our relationship with Him and with one another. He had plan of how we should live and work together. The knowledge that I seek is to understand God's blueprint for living, to live it in this world, and to teach others to live it.

The Gnostics sought special knowledge on the nature of God but when it comes to God, we can only learn to know Him through love and relationship with Him. Claiming great spiritual knowledge has no meaning if we have no love for God.

Taking this further, our love for God, for others, and God's creation has to be the basis of God's blueprint for relationships. How can we see what we love suffer as a result of the way we live?

The teacher teaches so the learner may learn. The good teacher feels sorrow and pain when they mark assessments and the learner hasn't learnt what was intended. They seek new ways of teaching so that what is to be learnt (the object of learning) is more visible. The heart of the teacher is on all grasping the object of learning. I see this as living out the love for the learner.

How can the teacher communicate knowledge if they prejudge the learner's ability to learn? There can be no knowledge transfer without belief in the learner's ability to learn and without finding the common ground from which learning can occur.

This seems like a digression but how can we live in the relationship that God intended if we have no love for what God has created and for those around us? Knowledge may help us build systems and processes but the foundation for life is love and adoration. Let us sit at the foot of the cross and gaze upon God who so loved us He was willing to give to us His son and all that He has.


Anonymous said...

If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.............................................

Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

Are you talking about my post not being kind or are you simply saying as a general practice?