Sunday, 21 February 2010

Materials sent up

Barclay (1975) ends his commentary on Luke 13:22-30 with the story of a wealthy women being directed to her house in heaven. When she protests about its size, the angel responds “that is all we could build for you with the materials you sent up” (p 184).

When we focus on status and comfort in the present life, we ignore how talents and assets that we are being given can be used for the kingdom of God. As I look at what we had acquired in New Zealand, I see that our focus has changed. As we planned to move to the UK, we discarded many assets and had to decide on their importance. So much is nice to have but unless it is working to build the kingdom is holding back the materials that we could be sending up for the work of the kingdom.

I realise that God has placed many resources around us that we can use for the kingdom. For me, he has brought knowledge and understanding. The challenge, as they say, “moving forward,” is how to utilise these resources for the benefit of God's kingdom and those people that God brings across our path. We need to focus on how to send materials up rather than on how to build an earthly mansion.


Barclay, W. (1975). The gospel of Luke (revised ed.). Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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