Monday, 11 January 2010

Customer Service revisited

Back on 22 October 2009, I asked what happened to customer service? I would like to report that we have found some people who seem to understand what customer service means. The shop assistants at Vodafone's Bullring store sought a way to place my order despite their systems appearing to get in the way.

Unfortunately, all their good work has been undone by the back end support. I received an email telling me that if I was already a Vodafone customer to ring their customer support because my order has been cancelled for an invalid technical reason. I rang customer support who have confirmed that the reason was invalid but they claim they can't do anything about the order. I have to go back to the Bullring store to have the problem resolved.

Sorry Vodafone, the problem is yours. It is your systems that are at fault. I feel sorry for their store attendants who from my perspective as the customer got everything right only to be let down by the back end support systems and a failure to understand who the customer of this business really is.

However, it is not only me who has received poor customer service. It seems that despite having a well paid job and being brought to the UK to fill a shortage, our son is not able to pass credit checks in order to purchase a mobile phone plan. What is the real credit risk here? Letters of appointment and proof of address seem to mean nothing if you haven't lived in the UK for three months.

Our son's requirement isn't an essential service but these same restrictions seem to apply to essential services. Are new migrants that are brought to this country to help fill your positions of need to live in cardboard boxes while you check that they are credit worthy.

My heart cries in pain that our western society is so hung up on monetarism that it has forgotten the struggles and trials of the people. God's economy isn't about credit checks and making sure you are paid. God's economy is first and foremost about meeting people's real needs. Take the risk and give to ensure that all can live then watch God bless.

No, I am not saying that I live that way but I pray that God will continue to work in my heart that I may give of the talents and resources that he has given me to satisfy the real needs of others ahead of protecting my own future security.

My cry is that the UK will wake up to the issues of its people and all of creation and seek to utilise its resources to bring God's restorative justice to reign in society.

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