Friday, 11 December 2009

Banker's bonuses

UK Bankers who receive bonuses over $25,000 are to have their bonuses taxed at 50%! “Yeah right” say the local papers. The banks and bankers will find some way around it.

“Hang on” Why are these bankers who are already being paid exorbitant rates for stuffing up the banking system being paid a bonus that is double what the tellers are being paid? They expect their tellers to survive on a measly $13,000 but can't afford to give up their bonus. Who is being greedy? Don't argue they deserve it because they do more work. I don't believe it. If they showed more appreciation for their staff then they might actually reduce their work load. If they showed more interest in their customers then they might find their wasn't such an outcry against their greed.

What even frustrates me more is that in order to do so many things here in the UK, I must have proof of a bank account. It is difficult to live in this society without one. We were credit checked to rent the house. We required a bank account to sign up for utilities. The bankers have it all running their way. It is time they were given a shake up and began to really serve the people.

The western banking and financial system is corrupt and these payments simply reinforce that fact. Give the customers back their money and stop ripping them off. All the bankers are doing is protecting their income and their wealth and not showing any concern for the person who is trapped by the imbalance of the financial system.

And politicians, all around the world, who have been living off the perks, show that you mean business in reshaping the financial system by paying back the perks and ensuring that those who are struggling to survive have a fair share of the produce of the land.

We are coming up to Christmas, a time of giving, but the thought that is in my mind is of Jesus throwing the money changers and traders out of the temple. Why did he do it? Because they in their greed were charging more than what the product they were selling was worth. They were preying on the vulnerable for their own gain. Jesus saw their deceit and took action. His action showed real love for the people and their needs.

My call this Christmas is for the bankers and politicians to come clean and repay what they have ripped off from the people. Give the people some reason to have confidence in you rather than continuing to feather your own nests.

Weren't you told you won't be able to take it with you!! If you want to sleep at peace each night then show justice and live simply so that others may simply live.

For the rest of us. Don't get sucked in to the giving and getting of big gifts and non-essential items. Don't borrow just to give. Often the best gift isn't the extravagant item. It is the love that you share or maybe the things that you build with your own hands.

It's time to stop the commercialism that drives so much of our lives and to return to some of the simple ways that demand our time and presence rather than our wallets. We are enslaved to western commercialism and greed. Break the cycle. Show love and compassion for those in real need.

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