Monday, 3 August 2009

God's judgement

I have already indicated that I am reluctant to link the current economic downturn with being God's judgement but on reading Leviticus 26:3-46 and Knight's (1981) comments on it, I am led to reflect that if the nations that claim to be Christian or a Christian base tot their society are not living as God's witness then as this passage indicates, they should expect to receive God's judgement.

Knight makes the statement “For the Church, the People of the New Covenant, has now been chosen to be the instrument in God's plan that every knee should bow to him, and every tongue should give him (Christ) praise (Rom 14:11). If therefore the chosen instrument of the universal paln should itself be the means of frustrating the realization of that plan, then the People of God must surely bear a curse beyond anything that natural man, as he clings to the various religious and ideologies of the world, will ever have to suffer” (p 165).

If God's word is indicating that we should be using a different economic principle to that currently in place and the modern church stands idle in proposing an alternative system then surely, we should expect to see something of God's wrath. Israel was sent into exile and the land was given its Sabbath rest. Israel had her prophets warning of the pending judgement but sadly, I don't hear any modern day prophets calling the Christian community to repent of their selfish exploitation of non-Christian nations. If the modern church is God's voice then it should be leading the way in reforming western society and building bridges to Eastern nations that find capitalism unacceptable.

My call is for Christians to re-examine God's word and to seek out what it means to operate a fair and just economic system. They should then be willing to take the steps to put in place the system that they believe God is calling them to implement.


Knight, G. A. F. (1981). Levitcus. Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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