Wednesday, 29 July 2009

God's Sabbath

This morning, I was reading Leviticus 26. In this passage, God reminds Israel of the blessings of walking in his statutes and observing his commandments. He also warns of what will happen if they fail in their observance. What interested me was the emphasis placed on the Sabbath for the land. This passage clearly says that Israel would be removed from the land so that the land could have is Sabbath rest if Israel failed to observe God's statues and commandments.

I am usually reluctant to claim that current events such as the recession are a sign of God's judgement or wrath but I do believe that the economic system that we operate under will result in boom and bust (recession) cycles. It seems clear that from this passage, if the land is not farmed sustainably then we should expect periods of low yield or see times when the land needs its Sabbaths. God's command to Israel was that every seven years, the land should be given its rest. We are also told to take every seventh day as a Sabbath rest. The land and us need these times to restore our productive ability. When we fail to maintain these Sabbaths, productivity falls.

I want to extend this to my own current situation. We made the move to the UK believing that God wanted us to come here. We also believe that there is a task that he wants us to do but we are not really seeing the opportunities opening up a present. Our engrained experience says that we should ensure an income before moving forward with our vision. God's desire is that we move forward with the vision and trust him for the income. This isn't our default mode of operation. Because we have failed to act on God's vision maybe we are having an enforced Sabbath rest to allow us to learn to trust in Him and to focus on the vision ahead of the desire for income and security.

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