Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cycling photographer

I was a late starting in competitive cycling and have now reached a point where I am happy to help run events and a commissaire. However, I like the idea of being a touring cyclist provided I am not riding an overloaded bicycle. One of my thoughts is to carry my camera gear and take a series of photos from a cyclists perspective as I travel through countries It is so easy to travel the tourist trails and not to see the real beauty of a place or the struggles of its people. The idea would be to travel the roads that are less travelled especially by cyclists and vehicles. It would take in some of the mountain bike tracks and back country roads.

I had started to plan such a journey around New Zealand before we left. I hope that I will still get the opportunity to do it although that could be ten years from now. In the mean time, it would be nice to take such a journey around countries in Europe.

How would I finance such a journey and would I do it simply for my own pleasure? My original thought was that I would produce a photo book revealing some of the beauty of God's creation in these less travelled places. To some extent, this would still be the first priority but I am thinking of

  1. highlighting the destruction caused by man in the name of progress
  2. highlighting natures fight back
  3. revealing the struggle of people against man made systems
  4. revealing the freedom of living by alternative systems aimed at providing for the good of all
  5. raising awareness needs and alternative ways of thinking
  6. raising funds for a charity

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