Saturday, 23 August 2008


Two things have helped the photography effort this week. These are the the Kererü, the New Zealand native wood pigeon has been back in the trees around our house and the second has been the snow dumps on the Rimutaka ranges just north of the Hutt valley. The ranges are visible from different points around the Hutt valley and Wellington.

The Kererü are fairly large birds so that are not easily mistaken. We have the additional advantage that they like the Köwhai trees along our neighbours drive and the buds on our rather poor specimen of a pear tree. Te Papa in conjunction with the University of Victoria run a Kererü discovery project in which they encourage people to report sightings and send in photos. We have up to five birds visiting each day at present and on Thursday, I managed to capture some photos of the birds in flight. Usually when I see them they are up high in the trees and surrounded by foliage. This doesn't lead to very good photos although I do have some that have made it to the Kererü Discovery pages.

Also on Thursday afternoon, it was a beautiful clear sky so I took advantage to use my spherical panoramic tripod head to capture some panoramas of the snow covered mountains. With the orange of the willows as they prepare to sprout leaves, some of the images when stitched are quite spectacular. None of these are 360° or spherical images. Although we do have some of those to share once we resolve the final stage in preparation.

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