Thursday, 3 January 2008

How much do I believe in …

My thoughts today have been drawn to the idea of how much do I believe in the things that I claim to believe in? I am sure many of us have come across the fanatics who seem to be willing to die for their cause. Some quickly offend simply because they are so adamant about their beliefs that they argue for them without concern for the reaction of others.

However, there is something positive about believing in something enough that it acts as a driving force to achieve even when the obstacles seem insurmountable. There are many who are driven by a belief but who do not offend. They achieve things that others would easily have given up on a long time ago. We see their results and wonder whether we could ever be like them.

As I reflect on the subject, I have begun to see myself as lukewarm with respect to many of my beliefs or visions. Sure there have been times when I have put a lot of effort in but it seems that when the going gets a little tough or the demands of the workplace increase, I am inclined to put the vision or belief aside while I just try to stay on top of what seems to need to be done.

Having just taken redundancy so I can focus on completing the writing of my PhD thesis, I am having time to rethink my priorities and to consider what I might attempt to do next. Wouldn’t it be nice to achieve some of my dreams? But what hinders me from their pursuit? Inevitably such factors as the need for money. There is always maintenance required on the house or other chores that seem to rise in priority while the vision sits quietly dying in the background.

Maybe in the end, we don’t have enough belief in what we claim or in our visions. Maybe if we did then we would see more achieved with a lot less effort.

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