Sunday, 29 May 2011

The New Order

Isaiah 30:18-26 talks of God's future blessing of all creation. Sawyer (1984) doesn't describe if in these universalism terms but it is clear that hears of its message have received judgement. They have had to face up to their sin or actions. They are now casting out the idols or practices that have separated then from God. Now the desire is to be pure and to enjoy the plenty that God has provided.

However, the prophet challenges his hearers to move forward despite their uncertainty about the path God would have them walk. God will provide direction from behind (v 21). They must simply move forward guided by God's voice, their teacher.

As I reflect on my own struggle to live out what I believe in a society that measures to create winners and losers, I often wonder whether I should give up. I can play at least some of the world's games and win but that isn't what I believe God wants. I must continue to move along the current path despite the struggle believing that he is guiding and will bring forth his plan.

The song “He ain't heavy, he is my brother” comes to mind. We help other not because of the reward to us but because these people are our brothers and sisters. We work for the health of the planet because we share this planet with the rest of creation. We need to change out focus from self to the service of others. It isn't about what we might gain. Rather it is about what we might give.


Sawyer, J. F. A. (1984). Isaiah (Vol. 1). Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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