Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Teşekkürler (Tea Sugar A Dream)

I will apologise to my new Turkish friends if I have misrepresented the spelling or pronunciation of the Turkish word for thank you. As we toured Ankara yesterday we were taught to pronounce this word (teşekkürler) as “tea sugar a dream.” As I reflect this morning having just spent an hour watching the sun rise over Ankara, the English words of this Turkish word for 'thank you' seem to be carrying some extra meaning. But before I explain, it seems appropriate that when we tank the Turkish people, we are saying to those who know English around us that they should sugar (sweeten) their dreams. No, I am not talking of eating Turkish Delight although that can be a dream for some. I am talking of sweetening the dreams that we have for our lives.

It is in this sense of sweetening the dream of a new economic order built of the principles of shalom (peace, fullness, wholeness) that has filled my thinking this morning. As I sat and watched the beauty of sun rise over this Islamic nation, I was reminded of God's promise and of the principles of shalom. When we say shalom, we are not simply wishing you peace for now, we are wishing you an active peace that will bring fullness or wholeness not just to you but to all of the cosmos. It is in this sense of active peace or wholeness that I dream of a new economic order. Not an economic order built on competition and a wealth – poverty divide but that seeks to bring an equality to all creatures. I am calling this new economic order 'shalom economics.'

I will post a longer post on the subject soon but for now sweeten the dream with a simple teşekkürler to those around you. Sugar your dreams.

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Stefanie said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing - mine are not nearly as nice. And Happy Birthday Errol!