Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Certainty / Uncertainty

Since September last year, we have had some degree of certainty with respect to income and accommodation. But again in just two months time, we could be without an income and looking for work. At times, the uncertainty over future income does cause detachment from activities that could be seen as productive. Since coming to England, a reasonable portion of my time has been consumed with the search for employment. This has taken me away from many of the things that I had on my list to do.

I know that publishing papers on my research is possibly one of the heartbeats for survival and this is beginning to take more of my time. It is part of the process of making myself known as a computer science education researcher and also how I promote my thinking. Everything else becomes secondary in significance. Doing teaching preparation and delivery lectures provided our daily bread but the future daily bread into retirement is dependent on getting my message out. It has to be the driving activity and the constant in all that I do.

All of this is talking from a worldly perspective and from a desire for cash flow. How does it measure up with the emphasis on being transformed to a focus on God rather than being conformed to this world (Romans 12 1-2). Barclay (1975) in commenting on this passage talks of an inner transformation (morphé) and not an outer transformation (schéma). The outer form (schéma) changes according to circumstance anyway but the inner form (morphé) is more constant.

The call is that our inner form should be Christ centred “kata Christou” or “kata pneuma” and not dominated by our human nature (“kata sarka”). We are to be “new in point of character and nature” (p 158); that is kainos.

We may still may still do the same things but our motivation is different. I write not to be recognised but in order to contribute. I don't seek recognition but I do seek that what I am learning and doing may help others. God has given us the knowledge and insight. Now we must share it with those who can make use of it.

What I have learnt isn't for me alone; it is to be shared so that others may learn and grow as well.


Barclay, W. (1975). The letter to the Romans (revised ed.). Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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