Saturday, 20 March 2010

Life and Death

Knight in his commentary on Leviticus 20:10-27) discusses the meaning of life as being the opposite of living(p 130). What he means is that through the sins described in this passage, people lose the ability to experience life as God intended. He talks of how promiscuity means that the modern generation is missing “out on those true dimensions of love which give meaning to life” (p 130).

A florist in New Zealand reacted with surprise that Marilyn's parents were celebrating 60 years of marriage. Such a reaction shows that this generation isn't just missing out, it is never realising what the possibilities are. A commitment that lasts a life time is not part of this generations thinking. These thoughts are in relationship to love and marriage but maybe our financial woes also come from a lack of commitment to our work and doing the best for an employer or our community. Of course employers are missing out on the dedication of someone who knows their job is secure. The commitment is to self-fulfillment so we flit from one role to the next never giving of ourselves to anything that we might do.

As I reflect on my research and what happens next, am I prepared to commit to the Computer Science Education path and look for work that allows me to continue that research? My desire is to continue along the path of facilitating learning and helping others learn the issues of teaching.


Knight, G. A. F. (1981). Leviticus. Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press.

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