Friday, 3 April 2009

Debt Financing

I am endeavouring to catch up on a number of blog themes that I have reflected on in my personal and work journals over the last few months. Between work, family issues, and preparing to move, blogging has taken a back seat. This entry was stimulated by the current economic crisis and some biblical reading on 8 March 2009.

My thoughts are about the world financial crisis and the emphasis on debt financing if the economic system that I believe has led to the crisis. This really isn't a new thought for me as my father was involved in the Social Credit movement in the 1970s and 1980s and has accumulated books on the Christian view of money. I have read some of C H Douglas' writings but more importantly I have reflected on Kingdom Economics and their meaning for everyday life. More on that theme at a later date.

In the current crisis, those who have borrowed heavily to advance their dreams now find themselves losing their dreams or at the very least struggling to clear the debt accumulated.

It could be argued that progress in the west has been made because of the ability to borrow and debt finance research. But the cards tumble easily when one person in the chain finds that they are no longer able to meet their financial commitments.

In the US, big companies are now in danger of total collapse because they have built their empires on debt and requirements for large cash flows. As their markets dry up, they can no longer sustain the cash flow and thus move deeper and deeper into debt.

Living on only small amounts of debt leaves us with freedom to do things despite the economic downturn. We are not forced to earn large amounts simply to live nor are we enslaved to a system of accumulating more wealth.

One of the things that we are realising as we attempt to reduce the clutter in our home is that by having less and living simply, we are able to do more for others even when the times are tight.

But Jesus also challenged people about their desire for more possessions (Luke 12:13-34). Having lots of possessions doesn't bring us life nor can we be certain that we will enjoy all the things that we posses. Jesus encourages us to live more simply and enjoy life. Don't spend all your time working for possessions that you may never get the time to enjoy.

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