Saturday, 18 October 2008

Go forward

After months of drafting and redrafting, my PhD thesis is finally to be submitted. I now have all the sign offs and the thesis printed ready for examination. I will be delivering it on Wednesday on my way to the National Cycling Road Championships. Do I think it is a perfect thesis? I doubt whether there is such a thing. Could it be better? I suspect that it could be better but you can't go on revising for ever. After Wednesday, we wait for the examiners to read and comment on it.

Also on the positive news front, I signed a contract for a six month software development role. So after almost 10 months of dedication to the completion of the thesis, it is now a return to a software development role. We had decided to give up active job hunting until the thesis was completed but we were approached by an agency about three weeks ago to see whether I would be interested in this role. We decided that we would express interest but wouldn't place a lot of confidence in getting the position.

Both the completion of the thesis and finding employment have been major struggles over the last few months. At times, it would have been easier to walk away specially from the thesis but there always seemed to be the message to keep moving forward. We had come too far to turn back. There is still a lot of uncertainty on the path ahead but the message is clear that we keep moving forward and allow things to run their course.

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