Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Who's doing the study?

I couldn't resist taking this series of photos. I had to revisit some theory for the writing of my PhD so I set myself up on the kitchen table to read and record my notes. Midas often likes to join me and of course this usually means take the prime position in the middle of the work. When I got up to take a break, Midas just didn't settle in on top of the work, he took over doing it.

Just like a good student, he positioned himself so he could get a good overview of all of the material. The big pictures important.

Then it was getting down for a closer study of one part.

Just to make sure that you have looked at it from all angles, there is the need to move around the material and take in that overview perspective from another angle. You never know, there might just be a new insight that was overlooked from the other perspective.

Then to finish it off, we have to get down to the detail again. It is important to consider all aspects if we are to fully comprehend this theory.

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